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Depart nowIn the fellowship of God The Father, In becoming a responsible man and as you go, remember: he wanted to buy something grandIn The goodness of God he chose a fast car to driveyou were born into this world; but it totaled on I-95by The Grace of God and he wound up where he began.you have been keptall the day long, brasspelicanbooks.comeven until this hour;by the love of God,fully revealed in the face of Jesus,you.. are being...redeemedAmen. _______John Claypool

Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, 2022

Dear Reader, we hope you will browse and find something that will peak and please your light-reading curiosity. This site contains both fiction and nonfiction work. The postings are without charge so you may open and peruse items as you like; if you find interesting pages and would like to use them, we ask that you please give this website and authors credit reference.

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8. Oh, Will You?

for Vassar

Oh, that you might write a sonnetin faith we two share,your hand placed upon itis the grace a rhyme requires;

beneath a golden crossdistilling will allow honeyed ink from the drossto seep, poetry to flow.

Words honest, raw, and newa buried language treatingthat is uniquely you,O, were you here with greetings and tapping insane another ghost on your typewriter.

The Rat Pack

Mystery of the Mayan Treasure"We are the ratswe eat at nightwe stalk at night..."

Tunnel RatsKurdish peshmerga captured a network of tunnels used by Isis snipers. Fazel Hawramy video

Rats for Cats to Watch Video

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The pelican has become a Christian symbol, one of Christ sacrificing himself for man because during famines the pelican was believed to pierce its own breast with its beak and feed her young this blood.