The Younger Set

No matter what we are and who,some duties everyone must do:
A Poet puts aside his wreath to wash his face and brush his teeth,
And even Earlsmust comb their curls,
and even Kingshave underthings. ________Arthur Guiterman
I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
I'm Nobody! Who are you?Are you- a Nobody-too?Then there's a pair of us!Don't tell they'd advertise-you know!

How dreary- to be-Somebody!How public-like a Frog-To tell one's name-the livelong June-To an admiring Bog!
_____Emily Dickenson

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A Continual Feast Excerpt.docx
One Christmas an Angel_0004 - Copy.wmv
One Christmas An Angel

In All Heaven

the Happiest Angel